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Way of accessing static variables inside class with expression returns?


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Hi guys, I am trying something fairly simple but I'm not sure if this would be a good practice. Basically I am using a big class called CommonLibrary that holds common functions as methods and common variables as static variables. But I have some variables here and there like $allAlphabet = range ('a' , 'z'), that cannot be declared as a property because it gives me a parse error.


I don't want to call an object for this class because instancing it is of no use. Values will never change with regards to instances. So the next best thing that I tried was declaring all static variables first, and then changing thei property values inside the class __construct with self::$variable = 'somevalue', and then using this code below to assign values to the empty static variables.


$dummyObject = new CommonLibrary;
echo CommonLibrary::$staticVariable; // This property is NULL before the constructer is triggered.


Anyone recommend any better ways of doing this?


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for all the advice everyone, but after doing some reading and , for my application design this seems about right to go with Classname::init();, a static defined method that will initialize all the necessary variables in that class. I will probably change my designs and learn more over time and as my application grows  :D

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