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Zip Code Locator

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Hi there, this is a request for code snippet.


I was looking to find the best way to create a zip code locator? As we have all seen as a store locator. For example, like http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=cat12090&type=page.


I don't need to search by the address, just the zip code. I have a number of stores, where I have the latitude and longitude. In my application, when I add a store, it inputs the lat and long in the database.


Now, my challenge, is for a user to enters their zip code, it would show all the stores in a 50 mile radius. Or whatever radius I decide on.


This is where I ask your feedback. I can buy a database with all the zip codes in the US. ( just USA), and do some sort of calculation based on the lat and long.




Use an API. Perhaps Google. I would lean towards this one.


I don't need the map to show up. I would start with a very basic list of the stores. Just like the Best Buy example, I only want to return the list of stores.


Which way????




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This is a pretty common question. You can see here for more info:



For if you should do your own DB/API - depends on the usage I guess. If it is smaller use the API, its update often & a lot less work. If you're in need of a larger solution that may outgrow the limits of the API, then take a look at the zipcode database in the topic I linked above (it's free!)

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I would be happy to hear from others on this. I see this is dated from 2008. Some of the code doesn't work and  it requires one to pay for one of the services.


So, if I have a database with a table of all the zip codes.

I have store location with the zip codes.


What is the best way to have a form, where an end user enters their zip code and it pulls up a 30 mile radius, of stores in that 30 mile radius.

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