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I have a table with three records - player_id, year, and points.


Is there a way to compute a total points from point values stored in different records, in the initial query. Or do I need to execute a different query for every player, or add a total record for each player (call year 0000), and update both each time?


Example records.


player_id year points


1 2000 424

1 2001 313

2 2001 131

1 2002 242

2 2002 431


I want to return the total points for every player on the database. The number of years involved is a lot, so having all the years in the one record isn\'t really possible.



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Not sure what you\'re trying to do but here you go.



SELECT TOTAL(points) AS Total FROM table;






//Choose year range

$year_range = \'2001, 2002\';


SELECT TOTAL(points) AS Total FROM table WHERE (year IN (\".$year_range.\"));



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