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Solved(Found something myself, might help other people)browser testing software

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I currently test my websites, in browsers like opera, firefox, latest versions, internet explorer 6, and netscape navigator most recent version.

However I had found a version of safari for windows, but didn't take the time to download it.  I am tired of always trying to download new browsers, like I was thinking of getting links, lynx, konquerer, and some others, but I decided to ask something here.

Is there a place that I can have(for instance a website, or desktop application), hopefully something free if they have one, that can show me how it looks like in whatever browsers, and screen resolutions.  Like a picture of the layout, but actually be an accurate prediction of what it would look like witin that specific browser, like maybe a free resource or something similar. 

I am picturing a website, where you can put in the url of the page you want to see, pick the resolution, pick the browser name, the browser version, nad have it create a jpg of how it would really look like in that browser, and that resolution, that would be the ultimate tool for me to test for cross browser compliance.  Then maybe if they also had something to allow me to test a bunch and make picture comparisons, I know I once found a safari tester, it returned a jpg of safari, but I don't know if it was accurate, and I don't know where that url went, and it wasn't that helpful.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Actually I found something
you specify the browsers, the screen resolution to see the browsers in, then a host of other options, it gives you a url, you check back in 15-30 mintues, and see screenshots, totally free, real pictures, I found something thanks.

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