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WordPress Plug in help

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I have a Word Press plugin and widget that displays dealership cars from an API. In the widget settings there's a drop down menu where you can select to display only a certain Make cars (Ford for example) I want the same functionality in the plug in part. Currently there is a filter drop down form which a user can select the make and so on and the plug in will filter the result. I want be able to set the default list to a specific car Make. Possibly just use the Widget setting for the plug in as well.


As there's already a function like that for a widget I imagine it's a very simple task to make it available for the plug in as well.


The coding for both the widget and plugin are all in 1 single php file.


I have a demo site at http://7817754709.com/demo/


If someone can help me out or tweak this plug in I'll be more than happy to send you a few $$ for your time.


I've attached the original .php file


[attachment deleted by admin]

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