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Hi guys,

just a quick question, in CVS what happens if two users try to commit changes at the same time, presumably one will overwrite the others so the first persons changes will no longer exist in the system.


Is this correct?


Basically if two people (A and B) checkout the same file and make different edits but then A submits his and the B not long after wont As changes no longer exist?

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The second person will get an error message saying that the file they are working on is out of date, they will then need to update it, which will in turn force them to merge the first persons changes into there own.



Who the help uses CVS anymore?


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okay so how does the merge affect their alterations (of person B)?


They will be shown a diff, and will need to make the decision themselves about what stays and what goes.


(and what other than CVS do you use thorpe?)


Until recently I had been a subversion user. Over the last few months though I have trialed and since moved all my repos into git.


Subversion is probably the most popular still though git is quickly catching up. It's a little different in that it's a distributed system.

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I was thinking of making my own system which I incorporate with an software update system I built and some other things.


Would it be possible to build my own basic one faily simple do you think and where should i get started? I want it to be entirely web-based and not need "installing" like GIT etc, so build it all in PHP is my goal, what do you think?



Cheers in advance.

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I want it to be entirely web-based and not need "installing" like GIT etc,


It would still need installing on a server. Which is exactly the same as how subversion and git need to be installed if you want remote access.


What do I think? It might be a fun project, but seriously, there is no way it would compete with git or subversion.

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