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Smiley parsing, case sensitive -> case insensitive

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Hello people, I use the following program to make smilies-images out of shortcuts like :) and :P.

function makeSmiley($content)
//bij het toevoegen van een smiley, let wel dat de eerste smiley 0.gif (of 0.jpg) wordt.
$smilies = array
"", //0
":)", //1
":P", //etc

//$replace = de key
//$smiley = de waarde, bijv. :)
foreach($smilies as $id => $smiley)
$replace = '<img src="img/smileys/' . $id . '.gif" alt="' . $smiley . '" />';
$content = str_replace($smiley, $replace, $content); //Search, Replace, Content
return $content;

Unfortunately I can't get it to make :p into an image because it only recognizes the capitalized P.. I've tried everything changing the replace thing do both (strtolower etc..)
But it just won't work...

I can't use PHP 5 functions btw.

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