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Header Already sent Problem For Images

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Hi, Before listing my problem I would excuse for my English... because i am not a native english speaker
I am trying to read an image from the client side and read the contents of the images through

$picture =  $_FILES["picture"]["tmp_name"];
$fp = fopen($picture,"r");
$content = fread( $fp,filesize($picture) );

Now I am trying to display Image inside a table like
When I try put the header("Content-type:image/jpeg"); line then it says that header already sent error message.

When I try to avoid this i use ob_start() and ob_flush() to display the image, but it only prints the URL from the address bar of the browser. But if I send header("Location:someotherpage.php"); It works well
So Is there any solution for this problem to display the Images header inside the html page

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Use html img tag
            <img src="<?php echo $_FILES["picture"]["tmp_name"] ?>">

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