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Date Query Question.

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I am using a php site that was created for real estate agents. I am adding a new part to the already created program to display and link open house information to each house. I have most of it done however I have one part I am had to make some changes to and now I can\'t seem to figure out what the query would be to get it to do what I want to do. Both fields are setup as date (yyyy-mm-dd) (I believe its mm-dd and not dd-mm) Anyways I have a field start_date and one end_date basicly I want to do a query and if the date is between the start and end date or is the start or end date I want it to get those results. If it is not between those dates I don\'t want it displayed.




Thanks in advance. the PHPFreaks forums have been such a blessing.

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select * from <tablename> where <database field> >= <input from date> and <database field> <= <input to date>



Hope this helps

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