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If + Or? hmm login script not working?

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Ive been working on a login script, and the main bit is...

        <?php if($_POST['submit']){
if($username == $username2 && $password == $password2 | $username == $hackname && $password == $hackpass) {
$_SESSION['username'] = $username;
echo "<font color=\"#FF0000\"><b>Thank you for login in,<br /> You will be redirected to the protected pages in 2 seconds <META HTTP-EQUIV=\"refresh\" CONTENT=\"2; URL=admin/index.php\"></b></font>";
} ?>
And it is pulling the USERNAME2 And PASSWORD2 and the hackname and hackpass from a config file, and i have tested it, and the variables are loading, now it worked before i added the hackname+pass variables to the if!

Ive been using | as an OR operator! is that correct? so its a login script but it has the two users, which are stored in another file, and now this was working before i added the second/"Hack" user, can anyone please help me?


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[quote author=Orio link=topic=110088.msg444343#msg444343 date=1159638659]
You need to use || for OR.


you also should get into the practice of grouping your conditionals for reading ease:
if(($username == $username2 && $password == $password2) || ($username == $hackname && $password == $hackpass)) {

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