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contact form depends on a PHP and XML file

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I've got this Flash contact form where the data that has to be send to an e-mail address depends on a PHP and XML file.
It is possible to send the data to more than just one e-mail address and this looks like this in the XML file: [code]<hidden name="mailto" value="1st@e-mail.com; 2nd@e-mail.com" />
<hidden name="subject" value="Contact Form" />[/code] That's like a CC copy I would say.
But what I want is to send the data to the 2nd e-mail address as a seperate e-mail.
I think to do this both the PHP and XML needs to be modified?
The attachment includes the XML and PHP file and the form SWF and HTML file as well.
Please someone help me by explaining how to modify these files to make it possible to send the data as 2 individual e-mail messages.
Thank you very much.

As far as I understand are these the variables in the PHP script that include the send e-mail code: [code]$subject        = $_REQUEST['subject'];
$thankyoupage  = $_REQUEST['thankyoupage'];
$xmlFile        = $_REQUEST['xmlfile'];
$unreg          = $_REQUEST['uR'];
$email          = $_REQUEST['eM'];[/code]But I'm not sure that's why I need your help please.

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