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Lining up text

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I need help lining up my text. I want it to look like this:

[u]Banned Player      Ban Maker      Comment[/u]
Halt                    CP!                Cheating.
One Twelve          BDwinsAlt        4910 ms ping.
SomeNewbie        Agurus            Abusing his staff powers

Right now I it looks like this:
Halt banned by Cp!      Comment:Disrespect.
One Twelve banned by BDwinsAlt      Comment:PING Current:4910 ms

How can I line it up right? (Example code wouldn't hurt.)

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This is in the wrong forum really, it's not a php problem, it's an HTML issue.

Have a look at the w3schools tutorial mentioned in my signature and do the 'html tables' tutorial.


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