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Photoshop resources that focus on web design?


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I suck at design.  I'm trying to remedy that.  Most of the resources I've found so far either focus on generic photo editing, or design which looks like it comes straight from 1997.  So, I was wondering, are there any decent Photoshop resources that focused on modern web design?


Note that I'm not looking for general design resources in general.  I actually have a good number of resources about design aesthetic.  I'm looking for something more focused on using Photoshop specifically for the web.  Figuring out graphic sizes for the screen, how to smartly slice up a site, how to ensure accessibility while keeping things looking sharp, nice looking buttons, professional grade sprites, and other tips, tricks, or cool things to do.


I have ideas.  I just need to learn how to use the program to efficiently translate them from my brain to the screen.


Books and/or links would be welcome.


Finally, I'm aware of the stickied thread above.  It seems to have more or less run its course, which is why I'm not asking in there.

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Hi nightslyer,


Although i don't use photoshop, (I ones did but switched to free Gimp, and inkscape for vector design, which is alot of fun) i can really recommend this website: http://www.yourinspirationweb.com/en/category/design/


every now and than they have a theme like "restaurent website" or "urban" "grudge" etc, and explain what to look for how to achieve et cetera. It's great to give you an idea, and if i am correct they explain alot on tools and stuff. I must say Gimp has a great community that has a lot of tutorials. And if you want to try out inkscape (vector graphics I use that for most buttons /logo's  and stuff 90% of my websites grafics) have a look here: http://screencasters.heathenx.org/ awesome detailed videos.


Hopefully you appreciate this although it's not photoshop. And the best thing it's free, and it seems you arent that bound to photoshop yet :)


-but i can really recommend those 2 above, easy to find tutorials, and inkscape will be a new addiction ones you get the hang of it :) and great for making sprites

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