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Trying to change URL from IP to domain name


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I have a website on wordpress, at first it was on a friends server, but he switched it so its on bluehost. The website URL is an IP address with a slash and a name. However, I registered a domain name at godaddy. I was able to change the nameservers so that the URL of the index page of my website was changed to the domain name, however, when I click onto any other page from that page, it goes back to the IP address URL.

What can I do?



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This is actually a wordpress issue. All of the Urls in wordpress are "Hard coded" in the database. Wordpress isn't really friendly when it comes to switching servers. Every time you save an edit in a wordpress document a new URL is saved in the database to a record with those changes. You could be easily looking at making a few thousand changes in the database. A google search will get you starting in the right direction. I believe there are some changes you can make to your .htaccess file that could do some temporary redirects for you till you make the database changes.



Good Luck

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