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Is this possible? betting predictions

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Hy phpfreaks.

Well, some time ago something like 20 friends started a beting league.
There were four rounds. Each round had 15 games.

We had a forum, in which everyone posted their score.
You got 4 points if you got the same score and 2 points if you got the team who won.
Someone manually checked each score.

My english is bad here so an example:
Match one was Liverpool-Chelsea, 3-2.
I posted that Liverpool would win 2-0, so I got two points for that.

I want to create a league, in which up to X can registar.
Then they can post their predictions for the round.
Then their score would be calculated and added to their total score.
And a rankings table.

I checked the football fantasy legaue scripts and couldn't find anyone I liked.

Help would be appriciated,
Dror Wolmer

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I wrote a script MANY moons ago for a prediction league (www.prediction-league.com) which I should re-visit and re-new. It only had about 200 memebers but they seemed to like it.

The answer to your ? is yes it is possible ;)

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Well, I've downloaded the free version of predictionfootball.com.

Then I made a new layout, here's the reuslt:

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