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Dreamweaver MX vs....

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For coding PHP, all us pureists are quite fond of notepad/wordpad or we may choose to upgrade to a notepad w/ highlighter (such as context). For a design or visual coder or coder that likes having a snippets on the right/left hand side (you know you love em :) there is Dreamweaver MX.

My question is this :

- Does Dreamweaver have any competitors (true, no dev-php which half works) for PHP coding? IDE non purest wise that is!


Note : I ask this because I prefer to have the 'strongest' thing out there just in case if i need to relie on it. (I do like Dreamweavers highlighter, since its html/php at the same time it dont mess up when you end php and start html like context does.)

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While Dreamweaver is certainly a superb HTML editor, it's mediocre at best as a PHP editor. Check out Komodo, Zend Studio, PhpEclipse or PHPEd... Here's a nice resource for PHP-editors.

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