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Curl Answer Problem


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I made a curl and don't know what to do with the string I got back, I would need the id and the name of each, should I explode, don't know how to do that, here is what I got as answer:


string(596) "{"data":[{"name":"Esoterik Forum","category":"Community","id":"180883525283576"},{"name":"Hellsehen und Wahrsagen","category":"Company","id":"177967172214131"},{"name":"Spirituelle Lebensberatung","category":"Website","id":"164411270264299"},{"name":"Esoterik","category":"Website","id":"164524456919432"},{"name":"Kartenlegen und Hellsehen","category":"Company","id":"173933135951523"},{"name":"Exchange","category":"Application","id":"190533567633445"},{"name":"Astrologie","category":"Website","id":"164928140213920"},{"name":"Esoterik Forum","category":"Application","id":"184577371575355"}]}"



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