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How can I get a referral fee for product sales?


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The idea would be that customers come to my site to see products from many sites that I have created partnerships with, then once they choose what they like, they go to the website the product is on and make the purchase. My question is how to I get paid for hooking up the buyer to the seller? I know the standard would be that I will have some type of affiliate marketing or advertising on my site, but is there a way I can get paid for the actual referral of the product sale? I really don't want to really on the honor system! If I did I think I would see no money. Most of the sites I will be working with will not have any type of affiliate system setup or anyway to do tracking of my referred clients.


I thought of having some type of promo-code for a discount, but then there is no way to ensure the buyer will not just make a deal with the seller around my back.


Would it be worth it to offer a rebate on confirmed orders? Say once a sale is made, they buyer shows proof via reciept and I offer a small rebate or gift card somewhere. This way I can have proof the sale was made and then take it up with the seller to get my referral share. If they dont pay the referral I drop them from the site.


What about if I where to collect all the info for the sale (billing & shipping info, credit card info) and then pass that info to the sellers to finish up process the transaction and ship. I would be upfront to the buyers that their data is being transferred to the seller website for final processing. This way I know about the sale and can request my referral.


Does anyone have any suggestions here or comments to my ideas? Thanks much.

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ouch that's a hard one. I think the only way is by using some sort of discount system. Where the customer get's a discount ones he uses a special ID of yours. But than again, the seller, can trick you in to selling stuff with discount, but leaving no traces of your number. So i think you should give customers the possibility to get discount ones they checked in the invoice at your place. But really this is albout atrusting the other party i think, because all the customer wants is buy stuff as fast and easy as possible. Maybe you should let them buy stuf via your site instead of redirecting them to the other store.

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You need to setup click tracking. If a user clicks on a product you can record the event in your database. Usually a tracking id is passed over in the url to the target site. When the sale gets processed the tracking id is used to determine where the user originated from and what commision is owed. This is how all affiliate systems work including Google's Adwords. If the suppliers don't have an affiliate component to their website then you will need to talk to them in regards of setting something up. Invest in some software so that the sellers can add tracking code into their website. You can host the software on your own server so you can login and check the referrals.

Just Goofle affiliate tracking and speak to people.

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