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SESSION and COOKIE problem


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hello all,


I have a client that wants to protect their web page with a password protected landing page. Once the password is entered the user is directed to a "disclaimer" page that they have to agree to first before going into the site. I have put both the landing page and the disclaimer page in my root directory and then the site I put in a sub directory /cms/


in the main site index.php I check for the post password and then set a $_COOKIE for the user that will expire in 1 month

// this goes on the very top of the index.php file in the template you are using
//check if user has entered password and needs cookie set
if(isset($_POST['fpass']) && !isset($_COOKIE['fpass'])) setcookielive('fpass', $_POST['fpass'], strtotime( '+1 month' ));

function setcookielive($name, $value='', $expire=0, $path='', $domain='', $secure=false, $httponly=false) {
    //set a cookie as usual, but ALSO add it to $_COOKIE so the current page load has access
    $_COOKIE[$name] = $value;
    return setcookie($name,$value,$expire,$path,$domain,$secure,$httponly);


The next thing I do is check if a user is trying to access the main site with having the COOKIE - if so I redirect the user to the landing page

//check if user has not entered password
if (!isset($_COOKIE['fpass']) || $_COOKIE['fpass'] == "") header('location: http://www.mypage.com');

This works fine up to this point.

Now my problem is that I also need to check if a user has the month long cookie set but is trying to access the main page without viewing the disclaimer page first.

I thought this would work:

//check if the user has a cookie set but is on a new session
if (isset($_COOKIE['fpass']) && !isset($_SESSION['fpass'])) header('location: http://www.mypage.com/disclaimer.php');

But this only throws the user into a loop of "disclaimer" -> "landing page" -> "disclaimer" etc. They can never get into the main site.


How do I check for the cookie and whether the user has visited the disclaimer page - but then allow the user to continue once they go to the disclaimer page?


NB: the $_SESSION is not set until the main site.

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$_SESSION['fpass'] needs to be set on the Disclaimer page. Or use a different session var - $_SESSION['viewed_disclaimer'];


Also, I would get people to register, and save their details on a database, then save the value in the database that they viewed the disclaimer (which would be required to register).


hope this helps

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