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SELECT T0.DocNum, T0.TrnspCode, T2.ItemCode, T2.U_MODELNUM, T2.Quantity, T2.Price, T2.Weight1, T2.Length1, T2.Width1, T2.Height1 FROM OQUT T0 INNER JOIN OCRD T1 ON T0.CardCode = T1.CardCode INNER JOIN QUT1 T2 ON T0.DocEntry = T2.DocEntry INNER JOIN CRD1 T3 ON T1.CardCode = T3.CardCode WHERE T0.DocNum = '1667' AND T3.AdresType = 'S'

How do modify the above query to GROUP BY T2.U_MODELNUM ?  I tack on GROUP BY T2.U_MODELNUM at the end of the query and it doesn't allow for it.  Something about agregated functions?

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Any column included in the SELECT, but not in a GROUP BY or an aggregate function ( SUM, etc ), will throw an error.

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