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Pagination with Function -> Need Query Outside of Function


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I've followed the PHP Freaks pagination tutorial which you can find here.


And I also got it to work, the only problem is that the script won't work when I use the query outside of the function.


Here's the function:


function knuffix_list ($query, $dbc) {

// find out how many rows are in the table:
$query_row = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM con";
$query_run = mysqli_query ($dbc, $query_row);
$row = mysqli_fetch_row($query_run);
$num_rows = $row[0];

// number of rows to show per page
$rows_per_page = 5;

// find total pages -> ceil for rounding up
$total_pages = ceil($num_rows / $rows_per_page);

// get the current page or set a default
if (isset($_GET['current_page']) && is_numeric($_GET['current_page'])) {

// make it an INT if it isn't
$current_page = (int) $_GET['current_page'];

} else {
	// default page number
	$current_page = 1;

// if current page is greater than total pages then set current page to last page
if ($current_page > $total_pages) {
$current_page = $total_pages;

// if current page is less than first page then set current page to first page
if ($current_page < 1) {
$current_page = 1;

// the offset of the list, based on current page
$offset = (($current_page - 1) * $rows_per_page);

echo "test " . $query;


$query	= "SELECT * FROM con, user WHERE con.user_id = user.user_id ORDER BY contributed_date DESC LIMIT $offset, $rows_per_page";

$data = mysqli_query ($dbc, $query) or die (mysqli_error ($dbc));						

// Loop through the array of data
while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array ($data)) {

	global $array;

	// Variables for the table
	$con_id = $row['con_id'];
	$likes_count = $row['likes'];
	$dislikes_count = $row['dislikes'];
	$dbuser_name = $row['nickname'];
	$dbuser_avatar = $row['avatar'];
	$user_id = $row['user_id'];

	// The TABLE
	echo "<table padding='0' margin='0' class='knuffixTable'>";
	echo "<tr><td width='65px' height='64px' class='avatar_bg' rowspan='2' colpan='2'><img src='avatar/$dbuser_avatar' alt='avatar' /></td>";
	echo "<td class='knuffix_username'><strong><a href='profile.php?user=$dbuser_name' title='Profile of $dbuser_name'>" . $dbuser_name . "</a> ___ " . $user_id . "____ <form action='' method='POST'><button type='submit' name='favorite' value='fav'>Favorite</button></form>";
	echo "</strong><br />" . $row['category'] .  " | " . date('M d, Y', strtotime($row['contributed_date'])) . "</td></tr><tr><td>";
	echo "<form action='' method='post'>
			<button class='LikeButton' type='submit' name='likes' value='+1'>Likes</button>
			<button class='DislikeButton' type='submit' name='dislikes' value='-1'>Dislikes</button>
			<input type='hidden' name='hidden_con_id' value='" . $con_id . "' />
			</form></td><td class='votes'>Y[" . $likes_count . "] | N[" . $dislikes_count . "]</td></tr>";
	echo "<tr><td class='knuffix_name' colspan='3'><strong>" . htmlentities($row['name']) . "</strong><br /></td></tr>";
	echo "<tr><td colspan='2' class='knuffix_contribution'><pre>" . $row['contribution'] . "</pre><br /></td></tr>";
	echo "</table>";

	// POST BUTTONS inside the table
	$likes = $_POST['likes'];
	$dislikes = $_POST['dislikes'];
	$con_id = $_POST['hidden_con_id'];
	$favorite = $_POST['favorite'];

	$array = array ($likes, $dislikes, $con_id, $user_id, $favorite);


/********* build the pagination links *********/	
// if not on page 1, show back links and show << link to go back to the very first page
if ($current_page > 1) {

echo " <a href='{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}?current_page=1'><<</a> ";

// get previous page number and show < link to go to previous
$prev_page = $current_page - 1;

echo " <a href='{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}?current_page=$prev_page'><</a> ";


// range of number of links to show
$range = 3;

// loop to show links in the range of pages around current page
for ($x = ($current_page - $range); $x < (($current_page + $range) + 1); $x++) {

// if it's a valid page number...
if (($x > 0) && ($x <= $total_pages)) {

	// if we're on current page
	if ($x == $current_page) {

	// highlight it but don't make a link out of it
	echo "[<b>$x</b>]";

	// if it's not the current page then make it a link
	} else {
		echo "<a href='{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}?current_page=$x'>$x</a>";

// if not on the last page, show forward and last page links
if ($current_page != $total_pages) {
// get next page
$next_page = $current_page + 1;
// echo forward link for next page
echo " <a href='{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}?current_page=$next_page'>></a> ";
// echo forward link for last page
echo " <a href='{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}?current_page=$total_pages'>>></a> ";

/***** end building pagination links ****/





As you can see above, the script will only work if I put the query right below the $offset variable and above the $data variable.


I put the test echo above the query to see how the query looks like when I induce the query from the outside through the function parenthesis into the function, and this is what I get printed out:


test SELECT * FROM con, user WHERE con.user_id = user.user_id ORDER BY contributed_date DESC LIMIT ,


Obviously the $offset and the $rows_per_page variables are not set, when I induce the query from the outside into the function.


So in that sense my question is:


How can I induce the query from the outside into the function SO THAT the $offset and the $rows_per_page variables are set as well and NOT empty?





I need the query outside of the function because I'm using a sort by category functionality.

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I solved this problem, by splitting it up into parts, likes this:


if (($select_category == 'All') || (!isset($select_category)) && (!isset($most_liked))) {

	pagination_start ($dbc);

	$query	= "SELECT * FROM con, user WHERE con.user_id = user.user_id ORDER BY contributed_date DESC LIMIT $pag_array[0], $pag_array[1]";

	knuffix_list ($query, $dbc);

	pagination_end ($pag_array);


pagination_start, above the query, and pagination_end below.




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