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Bizarre ActiveX Bug

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My web app I am developing uses a propietary active X control called Octree View. Since we moved the server over to a HTTPS configuration, the  applet throws up a "0x800c0008" error and refuses to load the file.

This problem only happens when a session is engaged with session_start or auto session in the php.ini. Otherwise the ActiveX program doesn't crash and everything loads fine from the loader script which pulls it from the database (postgresql using OID's).

So... the problem is not in the data, which I hashed in both states (session on/off) and the hash is the same. It has to be the actual ActiveX program not liking being called from a session. However, this does not make sense, how does a client side activeX control know or care about what state the server is in???

I'll give a $50 reward to whoever can help me solve this problem! Either reply here or email me at nospam1(at)schrank[dot]ws (sorry I'm paranoid about spam, I even have a deletable alias going to my real email!)

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Please show some code, how you are interacting with the object! You problem is relating to permissions, I don't know exactly what permission problem you are having, because I don't see how your are using the object!


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Serving script: get_binary.php


session_start(); // if this is not commented out, the thing does not work

$what = $_GET['what'];
$child_id = $_GET['child_id'];

$conn = pg_connect(not putting string in for security reasons);

// --------- GET BINARY

  $rs = pg_exec($conn, "SELECT ". $what. " FROM child_visual WHERE child_id = '". $child_id. "'");
  $row = pg_fetch_row($rs, 0);

  pg_exec($conn, "begin");
  $loid = pg_loopen($conn, $row[0], "r");

if ($what == "octree") {
header("Content-type: application/x-octree");
else {
header("Content-type: img/jpeg");


  pg_exec ($conn, "commit");


End-user webpage: object.php (I know there is no php but I just call it that out of habit)

          <object classid="CLSID:EF0EA0D6-88E9-11D4-9908-00400543159B" codebase="http://www.octree.com/View.cab#version=2,0,0,4" width="200" height="200">
                <param name="Octree" value="testsec3.php" />
                <param name="_StockProps" value="0" />
                <param name="_Version" value="131108" />
                <param name="_ExtentX" value="6482" />
                <param name="_ExtentY" value="6482" />
                <param name="OptionArgs" value="" />
                <param name="CommandURL" value="" />

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