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Possibly stupid but I need help!


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I am fairly new to php relating to databases so I'm a little uncertain with my current quandry!


I am using a component for Joomla to display tables of motorsport results. The programme produces a table in a module position with a number of links, driver name, team name and a view table link. My problem is that my SEO plug-in does not have a compatablity add on for the component and it screws up. I dont need the links, so I am trying to remove them.


My question is this:


class TracksHelperRoute
 * return link to details view of specified event
 * @param int $id
 * @param int $xref
 * @return url
function getRoundResultRoute($id = 0)
	$parts = array( "option" => "com_tracks",
	                "view"   => "roundresult" );
	if ($id) {
		$parts['pr'] = $id;
	return self::buildUrl( $parts );


If I remove this bit:

return self::[b]buildUrl[/b]( $parts );


Will that stop the links from being made??


I have removed the link into the application, but I don't want to break the whole component removing code!

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