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SSL & Sessions

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In my SSL directory I have a pllication that needs to be there. For some reason the application won't work...in fact the url just shows a blank page. The application work s fine outside of the SSL directory, but not inside it. Further investigation shows that any file inside the SSL directory will not display if it has a session, or creates a session which, as it happens, is needed for this particular application. If I remove the session from the application, it displays.....not correctly because it has no session, but at least it displays. So, I created a simple php page and placed it into the SSL directory and it works.....if I start a session on the same page, it doesn't work!!!!

I have done some readiing about 'session.cache_limiter' in php.ini, but I'm not sure what to do...or even if this is a cure.

Does anyone know about this?

Thanks :)

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