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Php and mySQL search engine

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Alright guys,


Just wondering if anyone can give me a little hand in finding what I need, I have an assignment in Uni due in within the next day or two. Apart of the assignment is to create a mySQL database of which I have already done; the other side is to build a functional search engine obviously with some sever side language. Unfortunately I don’t really have time to educate myself to a level to design one myself, so I was wondering if any of you know a downloadable source so I can base it off.




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Surely you wouldn't have been assigned an assignment based on stuff you don't (or shouldn't know). In other words, if the assignment is designed to test your ability with 'some server side language' and you don't yet know 'some server side language' you will fail said assignment.


Even if you download code which fulfills these requirements, it will be licensed and will generally require the authors name be maintained along with the code.

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