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Posting to a forum using curl


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How do I post to a forum where the Submit button doesn't have a name?


I haven't found anything like post=Post or post=Submit or anything of that sort. I have used curl in several different forums, but I have never seen anything like this. I'm sure it's simple though.


<input type="submit" value="Post" tabindex="3" onclick="return submitThisOnce(this);" accesskey="s" class="button_submit" />


This forum also has a hidden variable where the name is never the same, but generated:

<input type="hidden" name="ee40576" value="6d412be2ae8f344b177ad5b8ef2575d2" />


I'm pretty sure I can just send ee40576=6d412be2ae8f344b177ad5b8ef2575d2 though.


The forum is an smf forum, and I have been able to log in. I have also posted at other smf forums similar to this, only there the submit button had a name.

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Take a look at what the submitThisOnce() function does.  It could do many different things (AJAX, adding additional elements, simply submitting the form, etc.)  If it's a simple submit then you can easily use cURL to send values to the "action" target.

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