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array needed?

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I'm creating a very basic function for displaying error messages. So far it's working great for "single" errors. I'm having a bit of a problem with multiple errors. Currently, the function is called like so: [tt]failure($fail_title,$fail_msg);[/tt]

In my scripts, I then build the failure titles and messages
// error encountered
$success = 'false';
$fail_title .= 'You Failed';
$fail_msg .= 'Do something right, will ya?';
Which is displayed like:

[color=red][b]YOU FAILED[/b]
Do something right, will ya?[/color]

Again, this works great for scripts where only one failure at a time is possible. But now I've run into a script (form) where I can have many failures on screen at a time. I could continue doing as I'm doing, and just adding < br / >to the end of each $fail var, but that creates a display problem, as all of the titles are together, and all of the messages are together. I need to be able to echo them together:

[color=red][b]FAILED TITLE 1[/b]
failed message 1

failed message 2[/color]

I probably need an array for this, but am still learning about them and don't know how to construct it.[color=red][/color]

Here's the function:[code]
// div box for error messages
function failure($title,$message,$colspan) {
if($colspan == 0) {
echo "<div align=\"center\" class=\"failure\"><div class=\"failureTitle\">".$title."<br /></div>".$message."</div>";
} else {
echo "
<td align=\"center\" colspan=\"".$colspan."\"><div align=\"center\" class=\"failure\"><div class=\"failureTitle\">".$title."<br /></div>".$message."</div></td>

Thanks for any help.

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If you want to use an array for your error message, you can do something like:
$errors = array();
$errors['You Failed'] = 'Do something right, will ya?'; // set error
// process errors (if any)
if (!empty($errors))
  foreach ($errors as $title => $message)
function failure($t,$m,$clsp) {
  if ($clsp == 0)
        echo '<div align="center" class="failure"><span class="failureTitle">' . $t . '<br /></span>' . $m . '</div>';
        echo '<tr><td align="center" colspan="' . $clsp . '"><div align="center" class="failure"><span class="failureTitle">' . $t . '<br /></span>' . $m . '</div><tr>';


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Perfect! That's so fast and easy. That's really going to help me in all future development as well!
I've always been curious about something: what is this "[tt]=>[/tt]" for?


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