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Post Radio as an array


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I have worked on a while loop as a radio and this dispalys well and Now I am trying to post this to the next page. But kind of stuck. This is my while loop for the form

$intNum = 1;
$intnumber = 1;

while( $info = mysql_fetch_array( $sqll )){  
  echo "<input type='hidden' name=\"Que_ID\" value=\"{$info['Que_ID']}\" /> ";
  echo " $intNum, {$info['Que_Question']} <br />\n"; 

for ($i =1; $i < 5; $i++) {  

echo "<input type=\"Radio\" name=\"choice[{$intnumber}]\" />{$info['Que_Choice'.$i]}<br />\n";  

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit"/>




Now in order for me to post this to the next page, can I do something like

if (isset($_POST['Submit1'])) {
for($i=1; $1=5; i++)
echo $qu. $choi;


this is just my guess. I want the que_ID to display four choice for each question ID. so it would be Question ID=2(choice1=selected, choice2=notselected, choice3=not selected, chocie4=not selected) and this would be repeated to the next question ID.


So far I can notice that my chociename are added by one(choice1, choice2,choice3,choice4,choice5,choice6,choice7,choice8,choice8......) so my post for loop will not work work as my choices goes up to more then 5.

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