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On the fly type sql queries

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I am assuming its javascript I want but I'm a noob when it comes to javascript so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I want to be able to create a sorta 'on the fly' type mysql queries.

I'll have a dropdown box with 'table' names in it. When a user selects a table name it will update a block beside it with the information based on a MySQL Query.

dropdown boxes would hold something like:


I would then create the MySQL query like SELECT * FROM fruit WHERE name = '{$userselectedoption}'

Then I would have a <div> block to the left of the dropdown menu that would show me the results. 

Would javascript allow me to do this (along with php to do the query) or should I look into AJAX since that is JS that can pull information from a server without refreshing the page?

I'd perfer not to have to $_POST the information and reload the page...

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For web-based applications, JS is not appropriate, due to ActiveX security restrictions; but yes, AJAX will work.

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