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Rather stuck using "include $_GET..."


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I am having some real problems with the code in red below which sits in my "index.php" file, and would be very grateful for any help!




include $_GET["view"] . ".php";




The links for my "views" (e.g. <a href="?view=page_news">News</a> ) are in my "header.php" file.


The whole website works absolutely fine, except when you first arrive on the homepage you get:

Notice: Undefined index: view

Warning: include(.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory

This is presumably because a link hasn't been clicked yet, thus a "view" hasn't been defined yet, but I have no idea how to get around this!


I hope I haven't been too vague with my explanation...





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if (isset($_GET['view'])) {
  include $_GET["view"] . ".php"; 
} else {
  // include some default


you'd best check the file exists locally before including it too as this method alone opens a massive security hole.

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