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Since the original writer can't seem to find this sticky, I post it for him.

If your completely new to css, and you rather do on line tutorials instead of reading a book,

You might want to give the following a try.



Written by a fellow phpfreak named crmamx.

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Other great tutorial sites:


Position is Everything!

-My favorite site for learning (by example) to replace table layouts with CSS.


CSS Layout Techniques

-Another great site with examples on multiple column layouts.


A List Apart

-Site full of great articles about the design process for CSS, as well as articles on different mini-tasks (i.e. pretty forms, multi-column lists, etc.)


Holy CSS Zeldman!

-A site with a bunch of links to tutorials to CSS concepts and applications.


Max Design

-Site with a bunch of tutorials on formating CSS lists, floats, and form selects.

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