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PHP installation on IIS 6,Win Serv 2003,64 bit server

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I am trying to install PHP 5.1.6 on a Windows Server(2003)(IIS 6)(Intel Xeon 64 bit).

I am doing all the directives on the PHP documents.(installing ISAPI module)

But I am getting CGI Timeout error.

I made a great search but can not get over this.

So, if any of you guys can help me solve this problem it will be great!

Here's all the nice error:
CGI Timeout

The specified CGI application exceeded the allowed time for processing. The server has deleted the process.

By the way, I can not convert to Apache.

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The problem is not php or your installation. PHP and the server have a default time that a script is allowed to run and when you go over that the server cancels the script. google CGI timeout  and you should get the answer you need.


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Thanks for the reply!

Well, it takes around 5 minutes to get the error. I see that it is 5 minutes in seconds defined in the IIS settings.

But , 5 minutes are too long for phpinfo().

I should get the page in seconds.

That's why changing the CGI Timeout seconds doesn't do anything here.

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