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Branden Wagner

Currency Conversion (arrays)

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OK, so this is just for fun... why? i have no clue...
anyway what is the best way to do the arrays/variables for the conversions
the USD is the only one that works correctly.. because of the associative array.
to finish i just need to do the same to the rest of them, but i was hoping there was a better way to do this.
any suggestions?

                $amount = $_REQUEST['amount'];
                $to = $_REQUEST['to'];
                $from = $_REQUEST['from'];

                // US, Yen, Euro, British Pound, Peso
                $USD = array("USD" => "1","JPY" => "0.0085","EUR" => "1.27","GBP" => "1.87" ,"MXN" => "0.09");
                $JPY = array("117.50","1","150.0","221.52","10.76");       
                $EUR = array("0.79","0.0067","1","1.48","0.07");
                $GBP = array("0.53","0.0045","0.68","1","0.05");
                $MXN = array("10.98","0.0934","13.94","20.58","1");

                        if($amount > 0)
                                $new = $amount * ${$from}[$to];
                                echo $new;
                                "Invalid Input: Positive numbers only";
                        echo "Invalid Input: use numeric characters only";
                echo "Invalid Request: Please go back and try again";



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