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Including Part Of A Remote Site?


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Hi everyone, not sure if this is doable, but I would like to believe it is.

Here is my problem.  I want to include a small part of another site on my website.  I only want to include the big image seen here in my site: http://www.freegamecam.com/users/viewuser.php/WorldOfBotcraft ..

Is there any way to include only a section of their script?  The problem with just linking their image is that a new image is displayed every 30 seconds.  I am sorry if I didn't explain this very well, but is there any way to do that?
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JUST the big image in the center of the page.  The problem I am seeing is the fact that there is no full image link, it's just /directory/imagename.jpg, not the full website.  But, I was thinking, I could just use echo "http://www.blahblah.com/$imgURL"; after I found it.  Could I use the strpos() function to find the image link he used?

I think it'd be something like this:

$string = include("url");
$str = "/directory/image";
strpos($string, $str);

The only problem with that is, I can't have a set image##.jpg, as it changes every 30 seconds.  Is there any way to only search for /directory/image and then 2 extra spaces, then add .jpg at the end of that?

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