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DISPLAYING problem???(colomn wise)

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re my earlier post about how im going back to working now (GRR)... this time im serious, this time i [i]DO[/i] mean it!  ;D

Huggie gets to work on the paginate -
also... if the states are dynamic then, do as Huggie says with getting them from the db.
also... me using [color=blue]br[/color] instead of cells is just downright lazy!!

meant time: heres a short term easy solution involving streching the the size of the tables according to the total


mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "2cool4u");

// the states: you can select this from db using  group by, but if theres only 4 then just hardcode it
$states = array("tamilnadu", "karala", "jammu", "centre", "delhi");
$statesarrays = array();
foreach ($states as $state)
        $statesarrays[$state] = array();

        // select all the cities(anumber?) matching the state
        $result = mysql_query("SELECT anumber FROM city1 WHERE state = '$state';");
        $i =0;
        while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($result))
        { $statesarrays[$state][$i++] = $row[0]; $total++; }

echo "<table border='1'><tr valign='top'>\n  <td>";

$maxcolumns = 4;
$maxrows = (ceil($total/$maxcolumns));
foreach ($states as $state)
        if ($i >= ($maxrows-2)) { $i=0; echo "  </td><td>\n"; }
        echo "\n  <b>$state<br></b>\n";
        foreach ($statesarrays[$state] as $city)
                echo "    $city<br>\n";
                if ($i == $maxrows) { $i=0; echo "  </td><td>\n"; }
        if ($i>0)
        { echo "<br>"; $i++; }
echo "  </td></tr>\n</table>\n";

back to work!

have fun!!!

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