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Multiple Select Options in a Multiple page Form


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This seems to be a bit of a challenge but I am creating a multiple page form and on one of the pages I have a select field. I would like the user to have the ability to select multiple options but I am using some functions to move the data in hidden fields from page to page. I don't think my functions are jiving with my my foreach loop cause I keep getting an invalid argument error.


Thanks in advance for any help.


Here is my function:


    function setSelected($fieldName, $fieldValue) {

        if(isset($_POST[$fieldName]) && $_POST[$fieldName] == $fieldValue) {

            echo 'selected="selected"';




And here is my loop:


    $selections = "";


    if(isset($_POST["selections"])) {

        foreach ($_POST["selections"] as $selection) {

            $selections .= $selection . ", ";





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