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SOLVED- it's not creating the directory

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if (!mkdir("/userpages/{$_SESSION[subdomain]}")) {
$errorhandler .= "There was a problem creating the sub-domain, please contact support asap.<br />";
For some reason it's not creating it.
First I had permission denied error, then I made sure the directory I was point to, was 777, and the page I am doing it with was 777.  THe thing is, the sesison is working, it is suppose to go into /userpages/ and create the subdirectory test
just to see it in action, but it's not working for some reason, any advice.

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depending on your file structure, if this script is at www.mydomain.com/thisscript.php and the userpages is in direct in line with the root (ie www.mydomain.com/userpages/domain_name) then you need to remove the slash at the beginning. the script will execute from it's current location.


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