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require() && regenerate_session_id() && HTTP cookies


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I threw together a log in script that uses regenerate_session_id to help prevent session hijacking.


The script has 2 basic parts: authentication and session validation


Session Validation is a script that is set-a-top of other php scripts using a require_once call. It validates the token and session, and it will regenerate a session id if need be.


What I've noticed when loading a page, is when a user has been validated (session id and token id) AND a new session id has been generated, if the client aborts while PHP is processing the rest of script, the session becomes invalid and the user must re log in.


I believe what is happening is the server-side has been updated with the newly generated session but the client hasn't gotten the updated cookie thus creating a mismatch at time of next session and token validation. Does this make any sense?


Possible Fix: If session id regeneration is required, conditionally register a shutdown function that will initiate the regeneration of session id. This will ensure the initial PHP processing has completed, and a less intensive block of code can regenerate the id. This closes the client-abortion while processing window substantially


I'm looking for some advice on possible solutions and problems.


Thanks!  :]

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I get this error, trying approach mentioned above. I may be able to buffer output.


Warning: session_regenerate_id() [function.session-regenerate-id]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/?:483) in /var/www/? on line 77

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