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Problems with number of IP connections

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Hi everyone!.

I am using apache for windows. I have this problem since a lot of time - when someone with a slower bandwidth begins a download with flashget, the server slows down and usually it is even impossible to browse.
I have two installations - 2.0.55 and 2.2
So - I user 2.0.55 for a long time. I tried solving the problem with using the mod_limitipconn. So - there really remain only 3 active connections per download (i set the number to 3) but when I look in the request connections, there are more than 200-300 signed as "Time Wait" so the problem remains - browsing is again impossible.
Recently I tried the new version but I couldn't install the mod_limitipconn (I didn't remember how I did it before :) ). And I couldn't understand the instuctions. But on the new version, as I see, there are no more such "time wait"-connections.
It is a very silly problem... but it is a big trouble for me, so please anybody help...

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