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Include Euro symbol in a string


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I am pulling a couple of  fields from a DB and I am assigned them all to one string, how can I include the € (euro synbol) in my string. I have something like


$test = "Hello ".$name."you have €".$balance


I am unable to create the € as normal using ctrl+alt+4, must I use somehting else?




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Either this:


$data=str_replace(chr(0xC2).chr(0x80) , chr(0xE2).chr(0x82).chr(0xAC), utf8_encode("Hello ".$name."you have €".$balance") );


Or this:


$data=str_replace(chr(0xC2).chr(0x80) , chr(0xE2).chr(0x82).chr(0xAC), "Hello " . $name . "you have €" . $balance);


Should work, depending on whether your data is already UTF-8 encoded or not.

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