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Internet Explorer sucks?


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whats the deal with IE?
i just started building a web site, its been about 6 years since i was into it before so a lot has changed...

i use firefox as my browser so while designing it i would preview in firefox, then after i got a lot of work done i viewed it in IE and its all messed up...it works fine in safari, and firefox...but on mac IE 5.x my web links work fine and my php upload script functions but the formatting on my fotter is destroyed...and on IE 6.x on a PC the formatting is intact for my footer image but the web links do not work and the php upload does nothing...wtf?! ???

please somebody help me figure out what is going on. all my clients are old men who can barely use a computer and are not going to put up with downloading firefox, i gotta ghet this running on IE.

my CSS can be found here...[url=][/url]
my site here (a work in progress)...[url=][/url]

Thank you!
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I can not acces your page.
do you use buttons as an input type for your form in stead of a submit type?

please not that IE does implement buttons very poorly (guess how I found out)
in IE you can not use the attribute value for buttons
the value sent from the button is the actual caption.
for example
<button value="button1">Click Me!</button>

in Firefox your value of your button will be
in IE your value of your button will be
Click Me!
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OH BOY, are you in for a "fun" ride. LOL! IE 5.2x for Mac? ROTFLMAO! :P

You really need to take a few days to get your head around the wonderful world of various IE version nightmares. You will soon understand why the web developer world HATES MS with such an unbridled passion.

The best place to start (and be prepared for your brain to explode a few times from the massive attack of getting around the malichious beast known as IE) is [url=http://www.positioniseverything.net/]http://www.positioniseverything.net/[/url]

The IE vs Standards section is particulalry eye watering.

The only way I have finally gotten around all the bugs of all the IE css layout issues was to create, find, beg, borrow, steal, buy layouts that work (carefully hoard them and use them as templates for ALL my layouts).

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