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PHP with APACHE on HP Unix

Is it possible to use PHP(any version) on APACHE 2.x.xx on HP - Unix IA64 Platform  

  1. 1. Is it possible to use PHP(any version) on APACHE 2.x.xx on HP - Unix IA64 Platform

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I am new to this community. I am a HP - UNIX System Administrator. One of our projects require PHP to be installed as a shared object in Apache 2. HP Unix comes bundled with a Apache Server (2.0.55). Also it includes modules like libphp5, libperl etc...
In this case we need to use PHP with Postgresql. So we can't use the existing modules that are shipped with HP-UX. I searched on the web and it was pretty clear that I have to compile php with postgres and Apache.
I have tried many number of times from the last 3 days, it's not working.
If I execute the .php file (e.g. # php pgsql.php ) on the command prompt it gives me the desired result, but when I a mdeploying the same file into the htdocs folder and trying to browse it on my browser I am getting an error as the following.

#!/usr/bin/php -q
Fatal error: Call to undefined function pg_Connect() in /opt/hpws/apache/htdocs/pgsql.php on line 6

The same file gets successfully executed on Command prompt.
Any help/suggestion on this issue. I am really getting embarrassed due to this problem.

Thanks in Advance.

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