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Data Import Problem on a Windows Server

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I have just imported a test database of listings into my business directory phpmydirectory.
All went ok except I have noticed that the many categories and sub-categories have been added again even though they were already in the categories setup.

When the directory was installed the categories were imported in and the database is using UTF-8 collation/charset and its adding \r\n to the end of the entries for some reason. 

I don't know a great deal about php and mySQL but I had a search on the internet and what I can gather is that the \r\n characters that are being added are because php and mySQL are being hosted on a Windows server. 

I fould this on one website

[quote]If you are connecting from a Windows based machine, the Lines terminated by entry should normally be set to \r\n (the default suggested by phpMyAdmin). Windows uses both a carriage return character (\r) and a newline character (\n) to terminate the lines of text files. If your text file contains values for every field, listed in the same order as the fields are defined in the MySQL table, then the Column names box can be left blank. Finally, click Submit to upload the data file to the server and the records will be automatically appended to the table.[/quote]

Has anyone else found this problem and what is the best way to fix it?

I am running phpmydirectory v. 10.4.6
Windows Server 2003 running IIS v6
PHP Version 5.0.5
mysql 4.1.7
phpMyAdmin 2.6.4-pl4

Thanks for any help.

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Imported from where, and how?

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