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[SOLVED] critique on layout


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looks pretty bad.  The matrix theme isn't working, the menus are ugly, the 'logo' is still not a logo. The submenus on the top don't even make sense.  More logical would be to have the main menu on the top.  The reality is that you have 3 sets of menus which makes even less sense.  So, my conclusion is that it doesn't look good and lacks any good logic as far as functionality and ease of use.
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throw andys and jcombs posts together, and thats what i (almost) think.

however i'll disagree a bit with jcombs re the logo. sure, its not a logo - more of a banner - but still, I actually think that it works and personally think it looks pretty good.

you're heading into the right direction regarding the 'feel' - the whole tone is alot more 'cheery' than your last site, which is just pretty grim colour/tone wise. sure, the menus etc could do with lots of work as jcombs said, but it's encouraging that things are heading in the right direction.
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Ok. I am going to get my graphic design to make some changes to this, and get him to do some work on the layout some, then work up a few more.
I decided to take everyone's advice, I am playing with photoshop, but I ahve someone that I have hired to do 3 things permanently.
1. Logo's, layouts(just an img of the logo/layout combination),
2. Writing up all the content, he did professional content writing for 6 years, and he excels at flash/actionscript, and does good work, his design abilities, mixed with my abilities, it should round everything off, and leav eme concentrating on what I want.  In the long run, I am still doing everything with website construction, I will just send him some specs to get a logo and design idea, and the content, then I can do all the rest, I think my career is finally looking up.
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