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visibility:hidden and display:none


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Im building a custom lightbox which overlays he entire screen. Is it important to use both visibility:hidden; and display:none; ??


Im currently only using display:none; and seems to work in all browsers even in IE6 with all its "unexpected features"


Heres is what ive done:

.wiz_slide{ background:#000; position:relative;height:100%;width:100%;left:0px;top:0px;display:none;position:absolute;z-index:999;position:fixed;color:#333;overflow:auto; }
.wiz_slide.html{ height:100%;overflow:auto; }
.wiz_slide_lg{ width:900px;position:relative;background:#000;overflow:auto; }

function slider(id){

document.getElementById('wiz_slide').style.display = "block";
document.getElementById('wiz_slide_img').innerHTML = "<img src='/tmb/full/pic.jpg' width='894px' height='520px' />";

<span  id='slide' style='cursor:pointer;' onclick='slider("wiz_slide"); '>Click to enlarge</span>

<div id='wiz_slide' align='center'  class='wiz_slide'>
<div id="wiz_slide_lg" align='center' class='wiz_slide_lg'>
<span id="wiz_slide_lg_img"></span>


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they are both different things: One says you don't see me but i am there (and taking up the space), the other says you don't see me and i am not even there (in terms of space it takes). This could be usefull to know in case you use something like jquery. Out of my head the function show requires a visibility:none; while fadein() requires display:none;

Agai I do this out of head while eating lunch ::)


Just remember they are both different in terms of space they take, you can't see them both, but the one takes his space (like a position:relative; would) and Display:none; is not taking any space (could be com paired the way position:absolute) is displayed. To be certin check the w3c, but out of my head this is how it works.

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