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A bit messy but...

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Ok, lets drop you right in it

$string = 108/1727.wma|108/1734.wma|108/1725.wma|108/1737.wma|108/1732.wma|108/1730.wma|108/1738.wma[/quote]

I have a form which contains a drop down with each of the above in OPTIONS


You get the drift, anyway, when they select one and submit, it needs to remove their selection from $string

So, if they selected [b]<OPTION>108/1727.wma</OPTION>[/b] then the string would need to be modified to

[quote]$string = 108/1734.wma|108/1725.wma|108/1737.wma|108/1732.wma|108/1730.wma|108/1738.wma[/quote]

That bit is simple so far right? well, the problem is, those pipes need to be in the correct places. The string can never start with a pipe, and it can never end with a pipe

Now if you have thought ahead, you will see that if they submit to delete either
* 108/1727.wma
* 108/1738.wma

$string will be left with either a pipe at the start or end of the $string.

How can I get around this. Its a bit messy, but I've been working on this for over an hour and cant get my head around it

[b]Any help?[/b]

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[quote author=redarrow link=topic=110817.msg448602#msg448602 date=1160242972]
Lol. You dont get it

If I use str_replace it would be like this

[code]$string = 108/1727.wma|108/1734.wma|108/1725.wma|108/1737.wma|108/1732.wma|108/1730.wma|108/1738.wma

$newstring = str_replace("108/1727.wma", "", $string);[/code]

$newstring would come out like this


Hence, a PIPE at the start ! Which cant be done!

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[code]Use the [url=http://www.php.net/explode]explode()[/url] function to create an array out of the string, unset the correct entry in the array and use the [url=http://www.php.net/implode()[/url] functioin to recreate the string.

Something like this:
$string = '108/1727.wma|108/1734.wma|108/1725.wma|108/1737.wma|108/1732.wma|108/1730.wma|108/1738.wma';
$option = '108/1727.wma';
echo $string.'<br>';
$string = remove_option($string,$option);
echo $string;

function remove_option($s,$o) {
    $a = explode('|',$s);
    for ($i=0;$i<count($a);$i++)
        if ($a[$i] == $o) unset($a[$i]);


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