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PHPExcel + setRowHeight() + Merged Cells

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I have a .xlsx template that I read with the PHP Reader 2007 and I write data to it with the PHP Writer 2007. This spreadsheet contains merged cells where I want to setRowHeight(-1) so it will adjust the row to fit all the wraped text.


When a user downloads the final spreadsheet and opens it in Excel 2007 the row heights are adjusted accordingly but I have users that also have openoffice 3.3 which seems to be able to handle every aspect of my xls.x file except this feature.


With no merged cells the openoffice works correctly, but with the merged cells on the row height is not adjusted.


Does anyone have an idea how to get around this with having to purchase MS Office for all the other users? or would this question be better posted on an OpenOffice Forum?




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