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What can I do to set settings on an encoded php script


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so I've been putting all of my php scripts to exe to protect some of the code I have written, say I write a simple loop script like below



$REPEAT = 1000;

for($cwb=1; $cwb!=$REPEAT; $cwb++)
  echo "#$cwb: $ECHO\n";


Now how can I set the variable $REPEAT when the script is in .exe form and I cannot edit the code


I have tried


$REPEAT = fgets(STDIN);


That doesnt seem to work though when I have 5+ variables to assign and I have an array set like like


$Variable[] = 12345799;
$Variable[] = 34324555;
$Variable[] = 34289789;
$Variable[] = 32899090;


How can I use a text file to set these options?


maybe have the variables assigned in a text file like


; this is a comment, this will be ignored
REPEAT : 1000
; this is another comment, ignored also...
; comment
Variable : 3423423
Variable : 2903890
Variable : 3948903
Variable : 9823900



How would I have the php script read the text file in that format to set the variables?

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