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loop through array


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i have 2 arrays... first array of lastnames, second array of firstnames


lastAry = array('smith', 'jones', 'reed', 'chan')

firstAry = array('mary', 'chris', 'kim', joe', 'sara', 'tim', 'amy', 'fred')


how do i loop through each lastnames and turn into a string with firstname so it looks like :


smith | mary | chris

jones | kim | joe

reed | sara | tim

chan | amy | fred


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That's an odd data structure.  You can print them out like this:


$lastAry = array('smith', 'jones', 'reed', 'chan');
$firstAry = array('mary', 'chris', 'kim', 'joe', 'sara', 'tim', 'amy', 'fred');
$names_count = count($lastAry);
for ($i = 0; $i < $names_count; $i++) {
  print "{$lastAry[$i]} | {$firstAry[$i*2]} | {$firstAry[$i*2+1]}\n";

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