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md5_file question

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I'm interested in using the md5_file function as a way to check for a new verison of a script of mine.

currently i have a variable setup that i check but thats too much hassle when i have to update it for bug releases.

this md5_file function looks like something that would easier for me to check, if im wrong let me know.

now i checked on the php official site, but they dont give much detail on it so I'm hoping someone here knows a bit more about the workings of that function.

much thanks :)

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Something like this should solve your problem.

$old = "the old hash would in some way be stored in this variable";

if(md5_file("http://example.com/the_file.tar.gz") === $old)
echo "A new version has been released";
else {
echo "No updates are available";

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